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LETTER: Like Lake Elmo, Woodbury has imperfections

You said your intentions were not to criticize Lake Elmo. Well, that is not correct as you have a lengthy article and many times mentioned Lake Elmo. Yes we have problems, however, you said you wished us the best.

We have a city council that is made up of three women who constantly veto every motion no matter what it is. I think we have a good mayor and one council person, but that does not help in voting.

My point is Woodbury has problems that no one knows about as they can keep things under the table that Woodbury certainly does not want anyone to hear about.

Lake Elmo has amenities that Woodbury did away with using a bulldozer to make things to fit the builder and his wants and desires, not necessarily the people that live in Woodbury.

You call it progress.

I live in what was Lake Elmo at the time, which is now Woodbury by Powers Lake. No, I did not live in a fancy house, just a little farmhouse.

You managed to change the terrain in many areas of Woodbury. Why have you not left it more natural? I can't even find the area where I lived as the hills and trees are nonexistent, I mean the ones there originally.

So Woodbury is not perfect by a long shot, so if you want to say something, certainly be more positive than critical. Thank you.

Virginia Pleban

Lake Elmo