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LETTER: Pickleball pride: Place credit where credit is due

For more than three years the pickleball players have tried unsuccessfully to convince the Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department to rebuild the pickleball courts, which were in terrible condition, at Shawnee Park.

Last fall our group invited the mayor, Mary Giuliani Stephens, to visit the courts and be introduced to the game of pickleball. She accepted and we had a good discussion with her and she even played a few games.

During the winter it was announced the courts at Shawnee Park would be totally rebuilt.

Last Thursday was the first day we played on our brand new courts.

They are very nice and it puts Woodbury back in the game of pickleball for the metro area. We want to thank the mayor for getting involved and convincing parks and rec to invest in the game of pickleball and the senior community. We feel without the mayor's support and actions we would still be trying to convince the parks and rec to do the right thing. Thank you Mayor.

James and Kathi Pence