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LETTER: Democrat Party chairman tries to out-smart Woodbury voters?

Democrat State Party Chairman Ken Martin recently wrote your paper to point fingers regarding this year’s legislative session.

He conveniently left out key facts.

With a $900 million surplus and another $1.2 billion surplus over the next two years, Republicans bipartisanly passed much-needed taxpayer relief for veterans, families, and students with college debt.

But Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed it.

A compromise bonding and transportation bill, focused on wastewater, roads, bridges and other infrastructure, was agreed upon and passed bi-partisanly by the Republican House.

But at the last minute the Democrat Senate amended it to include the controversial Southwest Light Rail transit line, not part of the agreed-upon deal, thus killing the bill.

Republicans fought for taxpayers, fiscal restraint, and critical infrastructure, and worked to pass very popular bills with Democrat support.

Democrat leaders, so eager to blame Republicans in the upcoming campaign, shot them down.

Let’s stop putting politics ahead of the public and quit playing the all-too-familiar blame game.

Keith Downey

Minnesota Republican Party chairman