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LETTER: Trump's ideas are hateful and uninformed

Kudos to Mitchell Vangsness for his letter regarding Donald Trump and immigration. It's great when young people get involved.

And now Brian LeClair joins the party, saying he takes "great comfort" in how America's voters are responding to Trump's ideas. Personally, this voter is horrified at nearly everything that comes out of Trump's mouth—including his hateful, uninformed ideas on immigration.

LeClair is correct that our "immigration architecture" needs reforming. And I would remind him that his own party's President, George Bush, proposed a path to legalization for those who came here illegally but then worked and obeyed our laws for years. Bush was soundly shot down by Republicans.

Trump's "ideas" include building a huuuge wall and making Mexico pay the $15-$25 billion cost. He doesn't mention that more than 650 miles of our southern border are already fenced. Smugglers increasingly use tunnels, however. Much of the remaining border runs through the snaking Rio Grande, and there's a U.S.-Mexico agreement not to build in the floodplain. Most border land in Texas is privately owned, ensuring lawsuits. The proposed wall would cross steep mountains, plus a Native American sovereign nation.

In the last several years more immigrants have headed south over the border than have come here—due, in part, to our weak job market and increasing employment opportunities in Mexico. Trump does not want us to know that, of course, as fear and resentment of "the other" is the driving force behind his campaign.

He promises to deport our estimated 11 million illegal residents in less than two years—essentially turning us into a police state. Never mind that rational folk say it would take 20 years, cost $420-$620 billion, and would indeed have a negative impact on the economy.

For years this country tacitly encouraged people to come here and gave them jobs (often ones that Americans won't do). They worked hard, married, raised families. Now we are considering a candidate who wants to just throw them back over the fence? What hypocrisy. (Actually, Trump says his model would be President Eisenhower, who deported over 1 million Mexicans in Operation Wetback. Many were dumped far from the border and perished in the heat.)

LeClair encourages us to review the refugee situation "in Germany and Czech Republic." I have no idea why he mentions Czech. My cousin teaches there and says the country barely has any refugees, and refugees don't even want to come there. Yes, some European Union countries have recently been inundated. But that is not our situation. Our President has proposed bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees, after up to two years of vetting. These are people who fled their homes with nothing—because of a war we helped cause, I might add. Our neighbor to the north is accepting over 25,000; we cannot absorb 10,000?

But Trump will have none of that because they're scary Muslims.

He has antagonized leaders all over the world with his outrageous, hate-filled rhetoric, including our ally the United Kingdom, where the House of Commons held a debate on whether to ban him from the country.

Trump is the last person we need "fixing" our immigration system, or being anywhere near the White House.

Carol Turnbull


Editor's note: Mitchell Vangsness' letter to the editor was published in the May 25 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin, and Brian LeClair responded June 1, prompting Carol Turnbull's response.