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LETTER: Trump's anti-immigration stance would limit our workforce

My name is Mitchell Vangsness and for communications merit badge I have to write to the editor of a magazine or local paper in support or against something. I am choosing to write to you today about the immigration issue that seems to be so present in one of the front runners of the current presidential campaign, immigration.

The front runner I referred to, Donald Trump, has a very strong anti-immigration stance.

I disagree with this stance because America is supposed to be the land of the free and has always been open to foreigners. If we were to follow Trump's decisions on immigration we would limit our workforce and likely end up turning away refugees from other countries in the course.

I feel that we should allow immigrants into our country after the person has passed a background check, instead of having such a complex process for immigrants, which is why I feel our country has so many illegal immigrants.

I believe that we should not allow Trump to be able to instill the anger he has against immigrants and use that to fuel his campaign.

Mitchell Vangsness