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LETTER: Republicans ask for special session because they failed taxpayers

For the second year in a row, the House Republican Caucus failed to get its work done for the citizens of Minnesota.

With months to finish their work and a $900 million budget surplus, Republicans failed to pass bills to: create jobs; fix our unsafe roads and bridges; or keep their promise to make rural communities a priority in St. Paul.

Republicans know they failed Minnesotans and are asking for a special session. And who pays for this special session? Minnesota taxpayers.

It's time to end the chaos at the Capitol. Minnesotans have the power to do that this fall by voting to maintain the DFL majority in the Minnesota Senate and return the DFL to the majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Nov. 8 remember that DFLers have a track record for getting their work done in time and under budget.

Vote DFL this November and get Minnesota back on track.

Ken Martin


Minnesota DFL