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LETTER: Don't gripe, don't gloat; see who'll vote

So you just received your property tax bill and you have a substantial increase. Well, don't gripe about it because a very small percentage of eligible voters in the South Washington County School District approved the $96 million bond referendum. Odds have it you didn't even bother to vote. By the way, the School Board has already stated its intention to ask for more money in 2017.

And don't gloat about the School Board bond referendum win. The $96 million bond passed by a disputed five votes out of 13,659 ballots cast. Had it not been for a few dedicated citizens, the public wouldn't have even known how close the ballot question really was.

Was this really about the children? A recent Woodbury Bulletin article ("Tougher talks," March 9) said about the teachers union: "The district is coming off a successful voter-approved operating levy increase, and the teachers union spent time and over $7,600 in campaign money to help pass it last fall." Negotiators agreed to delay teacher union contract talks until after the referendum. So, I would guess they need their piece of the pie, too.

Bottom line: Don't gripe about your taxes; don't gloat about your school referendum; and we will see who shows up to vote for the general election in November.

Bob Andrews


Editor's note: The next School District 833 elections will be held in November 2017.