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LETTER: On education, transportation and bonding, Kent fails taxpayers

DFL Chairman Ken Martin's recent letter to the editor was laughable. I wonder if he has even been paying attention this session!

The biggest roadblock to progress during this session is state Sen. Susan Kent and her Democrat colleagues. Republicans proposed a comprehensive, secure transportation funding plan to spend $7 billion fixing our roads and bridges over the next decade. But this isn't good enough for Kent and other Senate Democrats because they also want to raise gas taxes. Most Minnesotans don't want their taxes raised.

Of course, it's not enough for them to make your gas more expensive. They also just raised $200 million in taxes for online shopping. Under their recent tax bill, everything you buy online will be more expensive.

A group of Senate Democrats signed a letter saying they will only support a bonding plan if it includes funding for a train from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie. They are willing to hold up funding for critical road, sewer and water infrastructure improvements over their demands for costly light-rail projects.

Kent and other Democrats also voted down a bonding bill compromise that funded roads, bridges and infrastructure. It was the only bill that had a chance of passing. Instead, she supported the most expensive bonding bill in state history at $1.5 billion.

Finally, contrary to Martin's letter, Republicans are the only ones serious about actually solving our achievement gap and ending racial disparities. We need to provide every student a great education. Unfortunately, Democrats refuse to support giving low-income minority families the opportunity to send their children to a great school.

Nice try, Mr. Martin. Unfortunately for you, Woodbury residents pay closer attention than you give us credit for. It's plain to see the only ones refusing to play ball are Sen. Kent and her Democrat friends.

Bob Tatreau