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LETTER: Gillespie shows dedication and respect for democratic principles

Thank you all for your support and good wishes.

I want to thank Woodbury and all of you who have supported me in my run for office in the last three years. I was honored and inspired by all of the support and good wishes from all of the great people from all walks of life I met. You inspired me to run for office and to take on the issues requiring a level playing field for all of us, no matter who we are.

We still have much to do in Minnesota. We need:

• to get and keep adequate funding for our schools;

• preschool education for our little people;

• affordable higher education;

• to get and keep affordable universal health care;

• to be fierce custodians of our environment;

• improved transportation and transit so business and workers can move easily;

• and to make sure everyone has a sustainable living wage.

At this time I am in the process of suspending my campaign and have endorsed Alberder Gillespie because she has worked incredibly hard on behalf of the district and the citizens of Woodbury. It is with great relief and appreciation that money and power do not always decide endorsements or elections; dedication and respect for democratic principles and process can still prevail.

Again, thank you Woodbury for your support over the last three years. I will continue to be involved in Woodbury community activities, teaching and consulting, and state-level issues and activities. I'll be seeing you at the polls!

Kay Hendrikson