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LETTER: Kent should stand up for families, let go of gas tax increase

Considering there were only two items on the 2016 Minnesota state legislative agenda — tax relief and transportation funding, the session is lagging severely. Legislators began work on both of those issues last session, and there wasn't much left to finish. Unfortunately, everything fell apart last year when the DFL refused to negotiate if they couldn't get a gas tax increase.

It looks like the same thing is going to happen this year. The legislature is set to adjourn in only a few weeks, but Susan Kent and her DFL colleagues in the Senate have yet to make any progress on either tax relief or transportation funding.

The reason for the holdup is pretty clear: a group of Democrats from Minneapolis and St. Paul are demanding a gas tax increase, and they refuse to budge until they get it.

Unfortunately, if Kent is willing to compromise on gas taxes she isn't saying so. Instead, she is standing with her liberal colleagues' gas-tax-increase-or-nothing-at-all attitude. She even had a chance to support almost $500 million in funding for roads and bridges on April 28, but she voted no.

Kent, we get it: you desperately want to raise taxes, but the past two years have made it clear that your constituents don't want it.

It's time to put that dream aside and get your work done, because that's what families in your district expect you to do.

Linda Stanton