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LETTER: Congrats on the fight against clean water; keep the momentum going

Congratulations to Republican sens. Gary Dahms, Scott Newman, and Bill Weber and their agribusiness backers on their recent victory over Gov. Dayton's clean water initiatives.

Thank goodness Minnesota feedlot operations will not be required to maintain 50-foot, or in some cases, even 16.5-foot buffer strips around lakes, rivers or streams.

In the 2016 legislative session, let's keep that momentum going!

Proposed initiatives might include renaming the Great Lakes! "Lake Superior" embodies the attitude of those eggheaded wonks at the U of M and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency — you know, the folks who assert that there are no swimmable lakes in southwestern Minnesota. Two words for those luddite contrarians — Swimming. Pools. Progress beckons, and you have to admit "Lake Hormel" has a real ring to it.

Furthermore if we sell the naming rights we might be able to afford some top-notch water filtration equipment.

True, the signage updates might be a little pricey, but trust me, 50 years from now we'll forget all "Superior." If some dedicated historian dredges up the "Gitchigumi" moniker that came before, we can explain to the children of that future era that Native Americans sometimes named the waters for the characteristics they embodied.

While the exact translation may be lost to the ages, it likely meant something like "Can't drink the water, but boy are the pork chops cheap!"

Bonnie Fox