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LETTER: City closely monitors newly planted trees

I am writing in response to Len Koehnen’s letter in the Aug. 5 edition of the Woodbury Bulletin (“Twenty percent of this year’s trees are dying”). He expressed concern about the health and care of recently planted trees in city parks and along boulevards and asked for a response from the city. While the letter did not indicate a specific location, I would like to share some information about newly planted trees that are part of city projects.

The city requires a two-year warranty on trees planted by contractors as part of a public improvement project (e.g., boulevard trees planted with road projects). During the two-year period, the contractor is responsible for tree care and replacement.

In addition, some trees are planted and maintained by city staff. These newly planted trees have green bags around their bases. The bags contain water that gradually drains into the tree roots. To help ensure healthy growth of these trees, a seasonal staff person fills these bags with water on a weekly basis during the growing season. 

Last winter was particularly hard on all vegetation due to the lack of snow cover, which exposes trees and other plants to an increased amount of cold, wind and salt. Consequently, some recently planted trees will need to be replaced.

In closing, healthy trees have a significant role in the beautiful cityscape we enjoy today. Staff closely observes newly planted trees to ensure healthy growth and compliance with the warranty period. If you have questions or concerns about newly planted trees, please contact City Hall at (651) 714-3500 or send an email

Mary Giuliani Stephens


Editor’s note: Mary Giuliani Stephens is the mayor of Woodbury.