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LETTER: Possession of marijuana wax results in felony charges

I am a local lawyer, and regularly defend peole accused of criminal offenses. Often my practice includes the representation of juvenile clients. 

I want to write to the people of Woodbury to bring attention to a recent trend that creats real danger for the promising young people of our community. Recently there has been an influx of marijuana wax in Woodbury and the surrounding municipalities. Also called "dab," it is a chemically concentrated substance which is derived from marijuana. We are all familiar with the tragic story of two teenagers who recently died from overdose. That single story should be enough to encourage caution. 

But there's more. 

Recently, my office has been kept busy with an influx of promising young people who've been arrested for alleged possession of this substance. In speaking with me, they are shocked to learn that they will face felony charges.

In the current cultural climate, the excuse that "it's only marijuana" is inaccurately taking hold. While it is true that small amounts of marijuana will not result in felony charges, marijuana wax is a fundamentally different substance. As a result, it can be treated as a scheduled substance, converting the most minor charge to a violation of the controlled substance act in the fifth degree. 

This is a felony charge.

Our county attorney has appropriately decided to treat many of these cases as felony-level offenses. Frankly, I could write pages and not fully describe all the ways that a felony charge could ruin the life of a young person in our community. The ramifications are numerous, and often irreparable.

Please, if you have experimented with marijana wax, take a moment to consider your future.

If you suspect that a young person in your life is involved with this substance, take a moment to explain the risks. 

I am in the business of defending people; I would rather see the young people in this community avoid the need to hire me.

John C. Conrad

Woodbury attorney at law