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LETTER: Other states’ climates would be better for immigrants

Education today lauds the pursuit and attaining of diversity. Diversity is supposed to be some utopian ideal state. We in Minnesota are especially blessed by the federal government in search for diversity. We have been blessed by the settling of large numbers of immigrants from countries that have nothing in common with our climate. The obvious reason for this is our well-known liberal welfare benefits. 

You cannot introduce tens of thousands of people into the state without having a cost effect on the social services. The state has no say on immigration. If the states that are more temperate in climate, which would be more comfortable for these immigrants, are not available for lack of welfare benefits, maybe that is something the federal government should be looking at. If those states are not providing sufficient benefits for immigrants, they are not doing enough for their indigenous residents either. 

If diversity is such a prized condition, Minnesota should not be allowed to hog it all up. There are 49 other states, and some of them are much closer to the temperate climate these immigrants come from. I would think that it would be much better for them to thrive in a climate similar to that which they come from.

Gerald E. Scherbel