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LETTER: University Women provides good news. good work

Kudos to the St. Paul Branch Association of University Women, who in the past hundred years have supported young women by giving scholarships annually, supporting a woman’s shelter and now selecting and funding one young woman to attend a conference in leadership in Washington, D.C. entitled  NCCWSL (National Conference for College Women Student Leaders), it provides leadership skills to young women selected to attend for one week. 

In addition, they have given $7,000 to an organization selected by them for their work helping women. This year two were selected. They are the Prison Doula and Parenting Education Program at Shakopee Women’s Prison and the YWCA Transitional Housing Project providing as long as 24-month stays.

Located next to the Governor’s Mansion on Summit Avenue, much good work is accomplished by them.

Mary Schrankler 


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