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LETTER: Democrats gave governor unilateral power to hike pay

Recently you may have noticed a big dust-up between Minnesota Senate leadership and Gov. Mark Dayton over exorbitant pay increases for political appointees. It amazes me that Democrat Senators are upset about something they approved two years ago, which gives Gov. Dayton the ability to increase salaries without public approval!

Some people would agree that some of these important positions require top leadership, but no one that I have spoken to agrees that all positions should have received across-the-board pay increases. 

Now that senators are looking ahead to campaigns in 2016, they are trying to back track. What hypocrisy!

Remember when the time comes to vote, our senator, Susan Kent, was among those who voted to give Dayton this power. It raises the question as to whether she really wants to help hard-working families when she voted to allow these outrageous raises for political appointees. 

Bob Andrews-