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Letter to the editor: Woodbury must recommit to pickleball effort

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport among seniors in the USA. I also believe Woodbury has the fastest growth rate in this area for 50-plus adults.

A few years ago Woodbury Parks and Recreation converted two old tennis courts into six pickleball courts at Shawnee Park. Everyone I played with was excited about the support and growth potential for pickleball in Woodbury. Since then that excitement is gone. While communities around us are building new courts, Shoreview the most recent example, and expanding their pickleball programs, Woodbury is doing the opposite. The courts at Shawnee Park still have portable nets that are showing their age and a playing surface that is in very poor condition.

We have lost a lot of players to these other communities. Woodbury has to invest in this sport and promote it to attract new players.

Why is Woodbury parks and rec not investing in the fastest growing sport for seniors?

This question got me doing a little fact checking. I read the parks and rec annual report for 2013. There are only a few times seniors/older adults are even mentioned, let alone finding any programs specific to senior adults. Let me clarify that I am totally in favor of programs for our youth.

They are our future and we should do all we can to help them develop both physically and mentally. But that doesn’t mean the senior adults in our community should be taken for granted and forgotten about. After all over the years the senior adults have paid a lot of taxes to support Woodbury parks and rec.

I am asking the seniors in our community to become informed about this issue. Get involved, contact parks and rec and City Hall to let them know we want the respect and support we have earned. It is time for results, not just lip service.

James Pence - Woodbury