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Letter to the editor: Not too late to get informed about election

I was among those who attended the League of Women Voters District 833 School Board candidate Forum on Oct. 22.

It was a very worthwhile use of my time. Best as I recall, 11 of the 16 or so invited candidates showed up. Because there were so many of them, they had precious little time to make their respective case. But the biggest evidence of their quality was that they were there.

The forum was televised for local cable Channel 18 and I am sure it will be replayed before the election. It is worth the watch.

School elections are always important: they are for our children, after all.

But off-year elections, like this one is, are subject to mischief. Only a tiny percentage of the electorate voted in the most recent school elections, and perhaps many of those with little knowledge of the candidates or the issues.

The children of District 833 deserve a strong, well informed, vote on Nov. 5.

There’s still time to become well informed.

Dick Bernard - Woodbury