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Letter to the editor: Back Griffin for School Board

I am writing this letter to recommend John Griffin for the South Washington

County School Board.

I have known John for over nine years as a community-first person with a

great interest in helping the young people of the district. I have seen first

hand how John has volunteered to go beyond the norm to help in many

capacities. He is more than a passive ‘write a check and let someone else

do the work’ volunteer. John physically gets involved, takes immediate

action, and is not afraid to take on the difficult challenges. And, he does

so in a very positive fashion. He is supportive of the schools and its

programs and takes great pride in the community and all that it has to offer.

John’s Four-Step Process Plan that emphasizes a “bottom-up” rather than

a “top-down” process for major decision-making is what a strong community

should embrace.  His work ethic, integrity and leadership qualities make John

Griffin an outstanding candidate for the School Board of South Washington

County Schools.

Wes Bolin