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Letter to the editor: McElwee-Stevens, Wayne Johnson worthy of votes

I hope every voter in the school district exercises their civic duty and makes it a priority to vote in such an important local election. It’s critical that we, as residents of the entire south Washington County area, deliver a clear message to School District officials by casting a ballot. Generally speaking, off-year elections result in very low voter turnout. That would be a travesty this year with such important decisions to be made.

As for my family, we’re busy researching the positions of all candidates but will be supporting Wayne Johnson and Katy McElwee-Stevens for sure on Election Day. I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Wayne and Katy on a variety of issues. I simply cannot speak highly enough about their professionalism, their passion for doing the research necessary to ask tough questions and make good decisions, sound judgment, and their enthusiasm for public service.

We will also be supporting all referendum questions on the ballot. Our schools have borne the brunt of misguided state legislative priorities for too many years via the failed “school funding shift.” It’s time to once again invest in our kids, our outstanding teachers and our vision for the future of the district’s infrastructure in order to ensure District 833 remains among the very best districts in the entire state.

Strong schools are a vital part of any healthy community. It’s my belief that supporting this year’s referendum questions, while also casting your vote for school board candidates Wayne Johnson and Katy McElwee Stevens, is easily the right decision when it comes to setting a positive direction in our school district for many years to come.

 Justin Olsen - Cottage Grove

Olsen serves on the Cottage Grove City Council