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Letter to the editor: App could pit kids against kids

Parents, you really need to wake up in Woodbury.

I want you to really think about this proposed app called BBIR that South Washington County School District wants to put in play. I am not down-playing bullying, but we really have to go back to basics of teaching our children how to get through life - that it is not all roses, there are mean people out there. So you want to give teenagers who already form packs, and then play against each other an app at their fingertips to use against each other. Any adult who does not see how children will use this tool to attack each other, even when your child has done nothing wrong, needs their head examined.  

Your child will have no defense to work against this.  I ran this past my 22-year-old, and she realized before I was done talking that teens are going to use this against each other. The last time I looked at the laws, any cyber space use for discussing bullying is called cyberbullying - you don’t think this is what the teens will use this for? If you vote for the levy with this in it, you should not be a parent.   

Karen Bauman - Woodbury