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Letter: ‘Yes’ on 834 levy is a ‘yes’ for my child’s future

When I moved into Woodbury more than 10 years ago, I did my research on the schools here. Though we didn’t have children yet, my husband and I wanted to be in a good community with great neighbors and solid schools. That turned out to be a corner of Woodbury that is part of the Stillwater Area Public Schools, with Valley Crossing School as our assigned elementary school.

Now that our son has started second grade at Valley Crossing, our choice has proven to be a wise one. Our son is thriving at Valley with excellent teachers and strong leadership.

We want for our son what every parent wants for their children: for him to be happy, healthy and strong — intellectually, emotionally and physically. And so far, with the help of his school and school district, he is. We want his education to be excellent, and that means ensuring he has the same great opportunities Stillwater area students have had for decades. That’s why we are voting vote ‘yes’ on Nov. 5 for the Stillwater Area Public Schools Levy and encourage all area families to do likewise.

Christine Wroblewski - Woodbury