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Letter to the editor: Truth of school district should include positive and negative

Who will speak up for the students of District 833? Why does the school district need parents to speak on its behalf? Why is it when something negative is reported, it is counted as "misinformation"?

When I told my story to a reporter who reported my story accurately, I was criticized for telling the truth. As a student, when my civil rights are violated, do I not get a voice? Should I just let it go because it's not positive? What message does this send to students? Does this not give the school district license to do whatever it wants? Where are the checks and balances?

I don't think it is a bad thing to talk about the good things the school district has done, but if you are going to tell the truth about a school district, you have to give the whole truth -- not just the positive, but the negative as well.

Gary D. Riege - Cottage Grove

Riege is an East Ridge High School student