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OUR VIEW: Bulletin welcomes election-related letters to editor

The Woodbury Bulletin welcomes letters to the editor during election season.

But the newspaper also asks letter writers to follow stricter guidelines than usual until Tuesday, Nov. 8, Election Day.

Letters during election season should:

• be brief (no more than 350 words);

• be signed by no more than two writers;

• include each writer's name, the township or city in which the writer lives, and a title if applicable;

• and include an address and phone number for verification purposes (because no letter will run without verification of the author's identity).

All letters may be edited for content, clarity, and length at the editor's discretion.

The newspaper asks that writers not submit more than one letter during the election season, which has begun and will continue through Election Day. This policy could be waived for certain circumstances at the editor's discretion.

Letter writers from the cities of Woodbury and Afton, as well as Denmark Township or readers who write about a local topic generally will be first in line to have their letters printed.

Letters that appear to be libelous or that in the judgment of the editor or the newspaper's attorney may expose the Bulletin to other legal claims will not be printed.

Endorsement letters are OK, but they must be written in the signer's own words. Letters that are known to have not been written by the signer will not be accepted for publication.

The newspaper prefers that letters are:

• typed;

• e-mailed;

• to the point;

• written by a single author;

• and written for exclusive publication in the Bulletin.

The editor may, on rare occasion, make exceptions to the policies noted here, if extenuating circumstances arise.

Exceptions are at the sole discretion of the editor. This may include responses by candidates to accusations before Election Day.

The newspaper suggests that candidates and supporters submit letters about candidates or issues pertinent to the upcoming election on or before Friday, Oct. 28. No attack-style letters or letters that introduce new issues that don't allow time for a response will be accepted in the last issue before the election.

The newspaper staff appreciates reading the opinions of readers and hopes that each reader takes an active role, at some point, in expressing ideas through letters to the editor.

A letter can be delivered to the newspaper by: going to, scrolling down to and clicking on Contact Us, and then also clicking on Editor Mathias Baden's name; sending an e-mail to; sending a fax to (651) 702-0977; or mailing to or dropping off at 8420 City Centre Drive, Suite B, Woodbury, MN 55125.

Mathias Baden, editor of the Woodbury Bulletin, wrote this editorial.