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Letter: Eagle Valley rates questioned

I think that those who are in charge of our city golf course, Eagle Valley, need to evaluate how they charge people for the privilege of playing the course.

(Recently) one Wednesday, I took my 11-year-old grandson to the course to play 18 holes. I was surprised that they did not have a fee for junior golfers.

They have a senior rate, but when I looked at the total, the charge for my young grandson to play was higher than mine. Is there a problem encouraging youngsters to play the game?

The total cost for the two of us, one 68 and one 11, was $61. The next day, the same 68 and 11 year olds paid $34 at River oaks, another city owned course.

By the way, River Oaks is rated by Golf Digest magazine as a 4.5 on a scale of 5 for courses in Minnesota to play. Where is Eagle Valley rated?

Doesn't the city realize that in order to perpetuate their golf business they need to attract young people?

To charge a junior golfer the same price as an adult is outlandish. But then again, our city officials may feel that our community is so affluent that the city can charge what they wish and it might just pay for some of the costs to run the course.

Many courses realize that more filled tee times at lesser cost is more profitable than high green fees and few golfers.

Maybe now I understand that when I pass the course on Wednesdays, coming from River Oaks golf course where as a member of the senior league I pay $19, I see people on the 5th, 6th and 7th holes very seldom.

At the same time, River Oaks has over a hundred people on the course.

Might that be because the fees are higher than they should be to attract people to our city course?

John W. Shirts