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Candidate Viewpoint: David Kemper

By David Kemper

My name is David Kemper and I am running for re-election to the South Washington County School Board. I have a four-year degree in economics from Concordia University and a master’s in information technology from Villanova University. I have three children — one who graduated from East Ridge High School and two who are currently attending South Washington County Schools. As a parent, resident, and community volunteer I am fully invested in making decisions that are in the best interests for our students, staff, parents, and other community members. I believe together we can work to make the changes happening in our district effective and beneficial.

Since I have been elected we have made some difficult choices and have seen many outstanding achievements. Over the past couple of years we have cut millions of dollars from our operating budget. I have made some difficult decisions and still have kept our schools strong and viable. I had the privilege of being able to work directly with administrators to ensure that the needs of our students and staff were met while maintaining an appropriate budget restraint. We have kept our fine arts programs safe from cuts or cancellation. I have worked to ensure our schools continue the tradition of excellence.

I am very passionate about providing a well-rounded education for each child. I am a strong supporter of being able to offer parents choices about their child’s education. I am a strong supporter of AVID, STEM, International Baccalaureate, Gifted and Talented, PSEO, Valley Crossing Community School, and Spanish Immersion. I am a firm believer that one size fits all education does not work. Children need to be challenged and highly educated. 

We have a great faculty and staff and I would like to continue to provide the education our children deserve. I am hopeful that the good people of South Washington County Schools will consider me for re-election as we look to the future for continuing to provide superior educational opportunities and experiences for our students and their families.