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Candidate Viewpoint: Molly Lutz

By Molly Lutz

I have been a stay-at-home mom and active community volunteer for the past 17 years. I have served as PTO president at Woodbury Middle School for three years and on the District Communicators Team since 2006. I have also served as PTO president at Woodbury Elementary, and regularly attend the Parent Advisory Council meetings at Woodbury High School and district school board meetings. I served on the interview committee for three school principals and attended the final interview session for superintendent. I have volunteered with Woodbury Athletic Association in softball, soccer and volleyball; served as a catechist at St. Ambrose Catholic Church for 10 years; and hosted an international exchange student last school year.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. The school board must scrutinize the spending of district funds on all levels. We have reallocated funding in areas that must now be prioritized.

I believe in student education and achievement. All students deserve the best education possible, no matter their learning style. Our district offers an array of educational instruction opportunities that help parents meet their children’s needs.

I believe the school district has a responsibility to listen to our community. Important decisions are made every day. The district needs to be forthcoming and transparent about these decisions so the public can be informed and make their opinions known.

Last spring, I attended the community budget meetings and completed the survey available to the community. Of the three district-prepared budgets, the community favored the two that maintained both class sizes and walking distance. The “hybrid option” that the administration ultimately presented to the school board increased both class sizes and walking distance. The school board approved this budget against taxpayer and community input.

I am in favor of passing all three levy questions on the Nov. 5 ballot because I know our children’s education will otherwise be negatively impacted. However, the increased budget also increases the importance of selecting school board members who will oversee how district administration spends our tax dollars and be responsible to the community.

I will listen. I will communicate. I will be your voice. Please vote for Molly Lutz.