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Candidate Viewpoitnt: Katy McElwee-Stevens

By Katy McElwee-Stevens

My name is Katy McElwee-Stevens and I am a candidate for the South Washington County School Board. I am in my third year of service on the school board.

Education and children are my top priority and my passion. I’m running for school board because I believe the district is moving in the right direction. There is momentum to be at the forefront of education in both our curriculum and in the delivery of our instruction. We are currently in the beginning stages of individualizing every student’s education, meeting each student where she or he is academically.

My experience as a board member will allow me to continue working toward district goals without losing time or staff relationships. I recognize and am proud of our district’s accomplishments: fiscal accountability; dedicated, excellent educators; and enthusiastic community volunteers. I recognize where we need to build confidence — in the areas of technology, security and staff development.

My qualifications include working directly with community members as a city of Newport planning commissioner; effective policy construction as a member on the South Washington County School Board; financial and managerial experience as an accountant at the University of Minnesota; classroom knowledge as a paraprofessional; and 15 years of service as a volunteer in the South Washington County Schools.

Some of the school district initiatives I have been a part of include: East Ridge High School, middle school format, orchestra program, elementary arts program, high school lacrosse team, policy committee, teacher contract negotiations, city of Cottage Grove monthly meetings.

Concerns I will continue to work on are transportation walking distances, keeping community schools in the community, keeping our communities informed and excellence in education for each of our students at all of our schools.

I have been and will continue to be a liaison between the families of south Washington County and our school district. Please vote for Katy McElwee-Stevens on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Contact information: website:; Facebook page: Vote Katy McElwee-Stevens; email: