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Candidate Viewpoint: Leilani Holmstadt

By Leilani Holmstadt

I am Leilani Holmstadt. Married to my loving husband for 17 years, we’ve been blessed with three wonderful children. I moved to Minnesota from Iowa shortly after graduating from Buena Vista College with a bachelor’s degree in social work. I worked in the social work field before starting my own child care business in 1999. We have lived in the district for 23 years. I currently serve on the board for American Heritage Girls and work as a troop leader.  With these experiences I have been involved with cost/benefit management, effective communication with the end customer and their interests in mind, critical decision making and implementing state guidelines. All of these will be beneficial in serving as a school board member.

I believe that:

- Parents are the primary authority in the education and rearing of children

- We must have fiscally sustainable schools. Growth in school budgets should be in line with the average citizen’s budget.

- The district can provide a comprehensive and transparent budget so that citizens are fully informed and the district is held accountable for what it spends.

- Schools can focus on the true mission of educating our children, so that we no longer have to depend so heavily on foreign-educated students to be our doctors and engineers of tomorrow.

People are concerned about efficient use of taxpayers dollars, whether they have children or not. Singles who live in apartments and elderly who have no children are just as concerned as parents with children in the district.

Parents and all community members are responsible in keeping our schools dedicated to preparing our children to be productive citizens for our nation. The mission of District 833 should keep that focus.

I will focus on open communication, a comprehensive and transparent budget and help define the local mission of education. I will also ensure District 833 is preparing the education consumer for the career of their choosing. Thank you for your support on Nov. 5.