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Candidate Viewpoint: Katie Schwartz

By Katie Schwartz

Hi, I’m Katie Schwartz and I am running for a seat on the South Washington County School Board. Our district needs some fresh faces and new ideas. If elected to the school board, I will ensure equal opportunities for students of all abilities.

Being a parent of a child with special needs, an honors student, and an average student has allowed me to see the district from all angles which will make me an asset to the board. I will also work on ways to close the achievement gap and ensure that students are prepared to go on after high school, whether they plan on going to a four-year college, trade school, into the military or straight into the workforce. It is important for all children within the district to be prepared for life after high school.

This district is very near and dear to me, and that is why I stayed here and chose to raise my kids here. I have lived in St. Paul Park and District 833 my entire life. I attended Pullman Elementary, Oltman Junior High and graduated from Park Senior High. I will make a point to be active and present within the schools. Being a stay-at-home mom gives me the opportunity to be present during the school day when teachers, principals, students and parents are present. I will continue to volunteer in the schools and in the community making myself available to all members of the district. I will work for the people of this community. Vote Katie Schwartz on Nov. 5.