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Candidate Viewpoint: John Griffin

By John Griffin

My name is John Griffin and I am running for the school district based on my theme of consistency. I want the board and district to have consistency in all decision making — this may be in evaluations, finances, boundaries and others. I have had family and friends who have experienced some decision making that did not appear to be consistent. Further, I am proposing a four-step process that would stop the board from creating a different process every time a major decision issue comes before the board. Using this four-step process will eliminate the continued waste of time and effort discussing the process and instead the board will be able to concentrate on the actual issue.

I give the district much credit in its climb in the three A’s (academics, arts and activities) and very much want to see the climb continue at a progressive pace.

As stated before, I very much want the board to bring forward a guideline for major issue processes. This will help the district residents to know and understand how the major issues will be discussed and decided while also being very transparent.

I have been a lead in several school and community areas. I was very involved in the Teaching and Coaching to Change Lives initiative for many years. I was a volunteer coach for football for many years and a lead in parent support groups for several other sports. I have always felt that while many give of their money, I wanted to also give of my time.

I invite you to visit my “griffforschoolboard” Facebook page. This shows my Major Issue Process program. I want to bring consistency, transparency and process methods to the board. I look forward to having the support of those who feel that I represent what is needed on our school board. I respect anyone’s vote. Thank you.