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Candidate Viewpoint: Raj Gandhi

By Raj Gandhi

I moved to Washington County 15 years ago fresh out of Iowa State University.  Since then, I’ve worked for biomedical device manufacturers as an electrical engineer. I’m running for District 833 School Board in this election because I care about our community and I believe that I can make a difference.

When my children grew old enough for organized sports, I volunteered to coach. Starting as a soccer coach I moved on to director of recreational soccer and am currently president of Woodbury Soccer Club and director of soccer at Woodbury Athletic Association.

I mention these volunteer roles not to prove that I’m a great soccer player, because I’m not.  I’m a dad and an engineer. Coaching allowed me the opportunity to build stronger relationships with my kids. Viewing things from an engineer’s perspective, I noticed opportunities to strengthen the soccer program. Instead of just complaining or quitting, I volunteered. Engineering skills translate well to administrative skills and I’ve been able to lead Woodbury Soccer Club’s strong presence in the eastern metro.  

As a parent I have chaperoned school field trips to museums, zoos and skiing at Afton Alps. I’ve coached extracurricular teams such as Academic Triathlon and First Lego League. To participate in the district administratively, I now serve on the District 833 Curriculum Advisory Committee, which has given me greater insight into the activities of the school district.

For the most part, I’m pleased with the work of the school district. Test scores are great and our district is well respected. But there is room for improvement.

The district could do a better job distributing more precise communications with less repetition.  The district could facilitate more opportunities for parents to be actively involved throughout their children’s education such as coaching extracurricular clubs. The district can also place more emphasis on graduating well-rounded students without over-emphasizing test scores.

Vote for me, Raj Gandhi, because I have experience with small and large organizations. I’m open-minded and can see the big picture while improving systems and processes. Learn more on my Facebook page, RajGandhi833.