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Soucheray: Recommit to your New Year’s resolutions

By Kate Soucheray

October may seem like an unusual time to discuss New Year’s resolutions, but do you remember those you set nine months ago? As it is today, we have three months, a mere 90 days, to complete these goals we made for ourselves at the beginning of 2013. Why disappoint ourselves for yet another year by coming to New Year’s Eve and not having accomplished what we set out to do?

Did you want to find a new job? Have you updated your resume and sent it out to prospective employers? If not, this would be a good time, as hiring is on the upswing right at this time as the holidays approach. Make yourself indispensable and the company may create a space for you after the shopping rush ends and life gets back to normal. If they cannot, you will have reached out to a whole new group of people who may be able to assist you in some way.

Did you want to begin exercising again and get in better shape for that wedding next summer? Well, now is the time. Pull out your weights, join a gym or find someone who has a treadmill taking up space in their basement or spare bedroom who would love it if you would take it off their hands. Decide on your goal and then pump that iron.

Did you want to eat more healthfully this year? It’s October and there is still lots of fresh produce for sale at the farmers’ markets all over the Twin Cities that are offering a multitude and variety of delicious vegetables and fruits. Find a website that lists the best foods, as well as portion sizes, for your gender, height, weight and age. Then make yourself a chart and resist the sweets that are abundant at this time, as well. With Halloween approaching, the candy aisles at our local retailers are well stocked. Deciding on an eating goal for yourself will offer you more willpower to walk the other way, or avoid it all together.

Whatever your resolutions were nine months ago, this is a perfect time to recommit to fulfilling them. If you need someone to offer you support toward fulfilling your goal, find a personal wellness coach, who will help you design a plan to make it happen. One website that looks particularly helpful is, as it poses several questions to help you identify what you need from a coach, questions to ask them and how to get the most out of the experience. Now is the time to complete those resolutions we set months ago. And remember what Napoleon Hill says: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Soucheray is a Woodbury resident and a licensed family therapist