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Letter to the editor: Education system should get old-school in forging obedience

As I watched this legislation discuss a "Bullying Bill" I asked myself, "Why would a school need someone to come up with a bill for them on how to control bullying?"

When you decide to work in the education profession are you not aware part of childhood has always been bullying each other? Are you not aware what values and morals a child will need to be taught while they go through the school day on how to treat each other? We don't need a "Bully Bill" -- we need schools to go back to old fashion having rules in place and mandating all children obey them. This not only will take care of the bullying of each other, but would have better schools that could actually teach all children.

Schools do not need more money to operate. They have to go back to wanting to teach the basic educations to children, lay rules of respect out at the beginning of the school year and hold all accountable to them. Schools today are trying to allow children to be individuals, do their own thing, and trying to teach to all of this. This will not work no matter how much money you put into the school district.

Karen Bauman - Woodbury