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Our View: Jessup was instrumental in engineering city

Woodbury, as we now know it, didn't exist in 1985. The retail shopping Woodbury is now known for was limited, as was population in the little east metro city of about 15,000.

That was what the community looked like when David Jessup arrived here as Woodbury's first city engineer. Then came the boom of the 1990s and the development that ensued -- both residential and commercial. The city continues to grow and Jessup's fingerprints are all over Woodbury's carefully engineered progress in public works projects.

While some of that work represents infrastucture we regularly see -- namely, city streets -- much of it goes unseen. Groundwater management, storm sewers, tunnels all have been installed under Jessup's watch, but largely out of the public eye. What's more, these are functions we take for granted. We assume the water will run. It's a given that our streets will be plowed. Right?


The city's Public Works Department -- which Jessup has headed since 1987 -- works tirelessly to ensure all those things we take for granted operate continuously and seamlessly.

That one man has shepherded the infrastructure that now comprises one of Minnesota's fastest growing cities speaks volumes. As Jessup draws his 28-year-long career in Woodbury to a close, he takes with him a wealth of knowledge -- much of which we hope has been passed along through succession training. But most impressive is what Jessup leaves behind: a soundly functioning city. Congratulations on retirement. You've earned it.