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Letter to the editor: This is enough to make a Minnesotan pull up stakes

As a long-time resident of Minnesota, I would like to voice my concern about the budget proposal that recently passed the House and Senate. The tax package includes new taxes that were intended to target high income Minnesotans, but will actually greatly impact small businesses.

Small businesses drive our economy; they create local jobs for local people. Taxes that stunt small business growth will stunt the growth of our entire economy. Before our legislators implement taxes that will hurt economic growth, they should review the budget and eliminate wasteful spending.

Too often it seems that new taxes are the answer to everything. I think our elected officials should work a little harder to draft a budget with the money they already have, rather than raising taxes to pay for a bunch of new spending. I want to see our businesses grow, not our government.

In the meantime, we are seriously considering moving to a neighboring state where we can keep more of our hard earned money.

Linda Stanton - Woodbury