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Letter to the editor: Adequate funding needed for people with disabilities

One of the most important decisions that state senators will make this legislative session is whether to raise revenues and by how much. I know there can be strong opposition to increasing taxes. For moms like me who have children who have significant disabilities, though, it's an easy decision to say yes to more revenues.

Our tax dollars have been good investments in my adult daughter who has several disabilities. The services and staffing she's received have enabled her to do things that would have been unheard of when she was born. She lives in her own space, works at Target, volunteers with non-profit agencies, sings in the church choir, and just started taking classes at Century College to gain more education and skills.

In order to balance our state budget over the past decade, our state has, unfortunately, often cut those investments instead of raising revenues. It's time to make sure we have adequate funds for all our citizens with disabilities and their families. Sen. Kent, know that there are others like me who will whole-heartedly support you if you say "yes" to higher revenues in future Senate votes on taxes.

Cindy Johnson - Woodbury