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Letter to the editor: Remember Woodbury's 'other' public school

The Math and Science Academy is much more than championship robotics teams, excellent math scores and opportunities in science, it has recently been recognized by the US News and World Report as a top high school in Minnesota. The May 1 edition of the Woodbury Bulletin recognized "Woodbury High School at No. 16 and East Ridge at No. 36," but failed to comment on the top reading scores at MSA or their 22nd overall place rating. The article also indicated that "Woodbury's two public high schools have earned a place among the top high schools in Minnesota," again ignoring the third public school in Woodbury, MSA.

With 97 percent of the students proficient on reading tests, the MSA scores are higher than the number No. 1-rated Mahtomedi High School at 91 percent, Woodbury High School at 93 percent and East Ridge High School at 89 percent. This accomplishment places MSA student reading test scores at the top of all metro area schools.

The report ratings are based on several factors including proficiency in reading and math as well as AP course offerings and scores. MSA math scores also shine at an 88 percent proficiency rate. Mahtomedi scores 77 percent, WHS at 80 percent and ERHS at 73 percent. With only 144 high school students, current AP courses at MSA are limited to science and math, earning them the No. 22 spot in the state rating, just behind WHS at No. 16 and ahead of ERHS at No. 36.

I hope that Woodbury residents and the Woodbury Bulletin will celebrate the successes and accomplishments of all three Woodbury public high schools and that MSA students and staff will receive the recognition they have earned. We can all celebrate together as we support good public school opportunities in our community.

Jeni Crump - Woodbury