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Our View: Garage-sale freeloaders can wait a week

It's awful tempting.

With thousands of bargain hunters scouring the streets of Woodbury from Thursday to Saturday this week, the thought has likely occurred to many of us: "Say, why not get in on the action?"

These thoughts surround the annual Woodbury Lions Garage Sale event, where scores of residents register and pay to be part of the sale, which draws visitors from far beyond city limits.

The temptation many face will be to go rogue - to unload their basement treasures between Thursday and Saturday without having to pay or register for the sale.

Our advice to those considering it: don't. Be a good sport, not a freeloader.

Getting a free piece of the action isn't against the law, but it's generally considered a breach of local etiquette. Here's why: All the participating households have doled out cash that's going to a very worthy organization -- the Lions Club, which works tirelessly to better the community through various projects. Dollars raised through registration go toward things like sight- and hearing-service projects, along with more visible efforts, like Ojibway Park's band shell.

Not selling but looking to buy? Consider buying from a registered seller. You can always tell by the prominent white signs in the yards.

Garage salers who skirt the etiquette should consider the community effort that goes into the Lions sale. Really got stuff to unload? It can probably wait a week. After all, if it's been sitting that long in the basement, another week probably won't spell doom for your sale.