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Letter to the editor: DFL tax plan will hurt more than just the rich

On Wednesday evening, April 24, 2013, while you were tucking your children into bed, Minnesota House Democrats passed a $2.6 billion dollar tax increase. This breaks down to $547 for every Minnesotan, and is the largest tax increase for Minnesota in 30 years.

In short, Democrats raised taxes on each and every hardworking Minnesota taxpayer. Despite promising during last fall's campaign to "tax the rich," Democrats have proven themselves unable to say no to special interests who want to grow the size of government.

What's worse, Democrats raised income taxes on over 30 percent of Minnesotans. You read that correctly: because of adjustments in the tax brackets, Minnesotans making as little as $25,000 will be vaulted into a higher tax bracket, forcing even low and middle-class Minnesotans to pay more. I bet you didn't hear much about that on the campaign trail.

As a result, the hardworking taxpayers of Minnesota will be forced to fund the Democrats' insatiable need for more spending. There has been a lot of talk about fairness, and making sure the wealthy pay "a little bit more" to fund priorities, but is it really fair to ask struggling families who have been in a car accident to pay more for their rental car to get them through the weekend? Is it fair to ask children to pay more for baseball cards while Democrats are spending $300,000 to build a toilet on a lake?

Minnesotans can't afford the Democrats' tax plan. As a citizen, I support a more efficient and effective government, not a more expensive government. Before taking another dime from hardworking taxpayers, shouldn't we go line-by-line through our budget and cut the waste? This tax increase is a step backward for Minnesota's recovering economy, and will do nothing to create a healthy economy or more jobs.

Kelly Fenton - Woodbury

Fenton is deputy chairwoman for the Minnesota Republican Party