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Letter to the editor: Kent's bill would improve schools

Too frequently we read letters in these pages about all that is wrong with government. Today I want to write about something good that is being done by Sen. Susan Kent. She is fighting to see to it that kids get effective teachers. As a parent, (and now grandparent), I know the impact that a great teacher can have on students. They both inspire students and can change their lives. That is why kids need great teachers every year.

Sen. Kent is fighting to make sure all of our kids get good teachers. She authored a bill that would require schools to use the new teacher evaluation system to make sure that students do not spend consecutive school years assigned to teachers ranked as ineffective. No parent would ever knowingly place their child in a classroom in which he or she would fall behind their peers. I know that in both sponsoring this bill and voting for it, Sen. Kent is supporting what every parent and grandparent wants for their kids, which is great teachers.

While every child should have a great teacher every year, parents deserve to know that state policy will ensure that no child suffers the consequences of ineffective teachers for two years in a row. Thank you, Sen. Kent, for helping to make that happen. 

Renee E. Ryan - Woodbury