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Letter to the editor: Procreation-pedophilia argument is unsound

Mr. Scherbel added his two cents to the same sex marriage conversation in the latest Bulletin. Anyone that follows the letters to the editor may recognize my name and know that I have written before in defense of families like mine. I agree with Mr. Scherbel that what goes on behind closed doors between adults is none of his business nor is it mine. Nor should it be the business of the government.

Mr. Scherbel argues marriage is historical fact going back 10,000 years. Trying to find a start date for historical marriage is tricky. There may be evidence of monogamous relationships going back much further. But there are volumes of historical evidence showing that during the past 3,000 years marriage has been consistently changing. A good source for a historical review would be the United Church of Christ's God-Is-Still-Speaking-About-Marriage. Or for a more secular source, will confirm the continuing evolution of marriage.

Mr. Scherbel makes a case that marriage is the result of natural order of things because it takes a man and a woman to procreate. That marriage is for the purpose producing and raising children. Taking this approach to marriage leads to the only valid reason for being married is breeding purposes. All other couples would be excluded. We all know couples come together and marry for so many other reasons.

Mr. Scherbel then makes a leap to pedophilia as a reason to deny two men from marrying. Again his reasoning is faulty as most pedophiles are heterosexuals. If he fears marriage will serve as a cover for pedophilia then all men may be considered suspect and none should be allowed to marry.  

I will continue to speak up for families like mine until we're no longer judged unfairly and denied equal protection under the law.

Frederick Hess - Woodbury