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Letter to the editor: Kieffer's compassion absent in gay marriage debate

I attended the Woodbury Community Expo and was glad for the opportunity to speak with the women who represent us in the Legislature. My conversation with Rep. Kieffer was disquieting.

I stood there as another Woodbury resident asked, "What is your feeling about gay marriage?" Kieffer's response was "I am opposed and will probably vote against it." She went on to list family members, friends, and acquaintances who would be affected by any vote on the subject and then said, "I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over it."

Well, Ms. Kieffer, I'd like to remind you that there are people who will lose sleep over this issue and how you will vote on it. There are Woodbury families and folks across Minnesota who will be affected by legislative action on marriage: families whose love is not recognized under current law; partners who cannot insure each other and their kids; devoted lovers who are denied the chance for final good-byes in the hospital or custody of remains after death. Similarly there are young people in our community who are denied role models for a future of stability and happiness married to their true love.

Rep Kieffer repeated several times that she would neither be swayed by her understanding that 50 percent of her constituents support the freedom to marry nor would she lose any sleep over her decision. The families of Woodbury are entitled to better, more effective, and more compassionate representation than Ms. Kieffer currently provides. 

Beth-Ann Bloom - Woodbury