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Letter to the editor: Gateway Corridor the next Rondo district?

Rondo Street was the heart of St. Paul's largest black neighborhood. African Americans had lived there for decades. It was very vibrant and vital on its own and essentially independent of surrounding white society. The construction of I-94 in the 1960s shattered and destroyed totally this tight knit community. Thousands of African Americans were displaced to a racially segregated city and discriminatory housing market. This beautiful neighborhood is now only a legend.

This is soon to be the fate of the innocent people and businesses along Hudson Road. Soon they will be only a legend where once there was a peaceful quite route. The places they lived in and did business in will be razed and replaced by the noises, pollution and crime that these BRT/LRT routes bring with them.

I can palpably feel all this happening because I have driven the Gateway Corridor route with its Hudson Road alignment a number of times within the past week. I cringed as I saw the homes and businesses and the lives and the dreams soon to be destroyed. Yet on April 3, I see a Bulletin article, "Gateway legislation garnering support." Further reading the article, I see the name of a local official deeply involved in the Gateway Corridor. I recall talking to this official recently and being told they intended to drive the route I had driven. Since we are about to spend $400 million on an endeavor which experts (Lyssa Leitner, Washington County planner) authoritatively has told us has undetermined benefits, it is amazing to me at this stage the imminent devastation wrought by Gateway is garnering no interest.

Bob Tatreau - Woodbury