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Letter to the editor: Some aren't enchanted by gruff behavior

I did not attend the March 9 town hall meeting that has inspired so much commentary. I was, however, at the meeting on voter ID which was held in a local church last fall, when bullies tried to outshout speakers from the League of Women Voters. Their behavior was disgraceful, embarrassing, and non-productive.

I gather the Bulletin staff was not at the recent meeting, either, so since they offered an opinion, here's mine. It's puzzling what such persons hope to accomplish. Their actions manage to taint the whole audience and neighborhood, along with their political party. The official who hosted the recent town hall meeting was a Republican, so their actions reflected badly on her as well. Newsflash to those responsible: Your party lost and, while you may be angry, yelling in meetings is not going to change that fact, or change any policy decisions, or recruit new voters to your side. It may, however, continue to drive them away.

Interestingly, another March 27 letter (from Sen. Kent) deals with school bullying, which has received a lot of attention lately. Schools are trying to change the behavior of their students, but I would guess in many cases the students have rotten role models at home. In the words from "South Pacific": You've got to be taught to hate and fear, It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear, You've got to be carefully taught.

Carol Turnbull - Woodbury