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Letter to the editor: Group came to torpedo town hall talks

Witnessing the March 9 Woodbury Town Hall firsthand, I was disappointed in the lack of civility displayed during the town hall meeting. Having local, county, state, and federal representatives from all sides of the political spectrum come to Woodbury to participate in a public forum was an opportunity to talk about the pressing issues facing our community and take part in a respectful, public debate. Unfortunately, discussion on important issues such as taxes, education, health care, and transportation was limited by the obstruction of a few. Before the representatives were even finished with their introductions, a small group of angry citizens interrupted, shouting political slogans, pointing fingers, and laughing. It was clear from their demeanor that these citizens did not come to "participate" in a town hall. Rather, they came to obstruct, humiliate, and taunt.

I hope that the next time Congresswoman McCollum and community leaders participate in such an open forum, our community comes together to treat them with more respect. It's important that our leaders continue to engage their constituency and it's even more important that all sides have the opportunity to discuss crucial issues -- not jut a few fanatics that pigeonhole an entire conversation.

Jen Nichols - Woodbury