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Our View: High-five for hands-only CPR program

Woodbury's Public Safety Department ought to be pumped.

After setting a seemingly ambitious goal of training 7,000 residents in hands-only CPR during 2012, the department is almost there.

Through early December, more than 6,300 people had been trained in the life-saving technique that teaches people to resuscitate sudden cardiac arrest victims using only their hands.

If you're not among the approximately 10 percent of Woodbury's population that hasn't been trained, it wasn't for lack of effort from public safety staff. Representatives of the Take Heart Woodbury campaign were seen just about everywhere public events were happening in the city during 2012. Residents learned hands-only CPR at Woodbury Days, at National Night to Unite events, at schools and churches.

Heck, Take Heart Woodbury folks were even training eager shoppers waiting in line on Black Friday.

If you were out and about, you couldn't escape the firefighters and EMTs in their missionary-like efforts. And that was the idea.

The concept behind the laudable effort is that if someone keels over with sudden cardiac arrest in Woodbury, there's a good chance someone trained in hands-only CPR will not just be nearby, but can administer the technique until medics arrive. As is explained in this week's news story, those critical few minutes before authorities arrive can mean life or death.

Better yet, the program has now woven itself into local graduation requirements. High school students in the classes of 2014 and 2015 must complete the 30-minute training before they are handed their diplomas.

It's hard to think of more worthy side projects administered by a public agency at a local level than the Take Heart Woodbury program. We applaud the Public Safety Department for doing its best to get residents pumped up about pumping blood back into life-threatening situations.