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Our view: In a pickle

A minor dust-up between Shawnee Park neighbors and a group of pickleball enthusiasts has created a small headache for the city of Woodbury.

We're pleased to hear the city and the pickleball club are attempting to work out a plan that's palatable to both neighbors and players. It's understandable that some neighbors are growing weary of the noise; the clack-clack-clack of the balls and racquets - especially when banged out across six courts seven days a week - might get irritating for some neighbors. Concerns over parking are valid, too.

Shawnee Park holds the distinction of being the largest dedicated pickleball site in the Midwest, according to That clearly makes it a big draw for players, but concentrating play there has apparently magnified the problem for neighbors. Spreading the action out across other city courts, as the city has suggested, seems like a step in the right direction.

The city has been deft in not turning pickleballers away at the Woodbury border. Under no circumstances should players - many of whom are 65 and up - be discouraged from forming an activity that fosters health and positive social interaction.

Frankly, we should be happy our local courts give seniors that opportunity. It would be a disappointment if our community turned its back on them.

The city has proven to be a committed partner in the advancement of pickleball. Older folks are having a great time doing a healthy activity here in Woodbury. There should be no reason why both parties can't reach a mutually beneficial solution to what Woodbury recreation supervisor Jodi Sauro rightly called "a good problem to have."