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Our View: Tax meeting rightly aims to bury rhetoric

What springs to mind when you hear the word "tax?"

Funding? Burden? Roads? Welfare?

Indeed, it's a loaded word for many people.

A Woodbury woman, however, wants to defuse that bomb. As is described in this week's Page 1 story in the Bulletin, Kelly DeBrine is holding a meeting later this month to talk about taxes. She wants to peel back the symbols and associations that come with the word and have a public discussion about the issue.

"People would put you in a category if you say something about tax cuts," she says in the story. "Or they would put you in another category if you say raise taxes."

DeBrine says in the story that she's not for or against raising taxes, though she does present arguments for tax increases. We'll take her at her word and tip our cap to her for at least broaching the subject in a thoughtful way.

We also encourage people from all sides of the political spectrum to attend what ought to be a lively discussion. DeBrine says she hopes the rhetoric surrounding the concept of taxes takes a backseat to real exploration of the topic.

Again, we concur. We hope it gets wonky, not surly.

We hope the difference between a progressive tax and a regressive tax is addressed. We hope the tax rate for all earners gets its day in court. We'd expect the group to talk about taxes on businesses, as well as individual earners.

And we certainly hope the meeting addresses where our taxes go.

It takes guts to stand up for what you believe in. But it takes civility to accomplish it with grace. Let's hope DeBrine's July 31 meeting helps advance the discussion in Woodbury.