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Our view: Have safe, enjoyable summer

They spotted a what? A ... peacock?

Last week's alert from police that a peacock was spotted loose on the streets of Woodbury reminds us that strange things happen in this relatively quiet city.

But as we regularly see in police reports published in the Bulletin, worse things can - and do - occur here. Indeed, the Bulletin publishes those reports to make readers aware of what's happening in their community.

With school out, now seems a good time to remind readers to be vigilant in their safety, even though balmy weather may beckon us toward a carefree summer attitude.

Some reminders:

-- Be mindful of open garage doors. Thieves in Woodbury have targeted open garages - both day and night. In recent weeks, a resident arrived home to find a woman stealing cans of beer from her garage. Others have fallen victim to more serious thefts.

-- Drive carefully. School's out for the summer and kids will be taking to the streets. As motorists, we must be sure to share the streets with bicyclists and pedestrians.

-- Talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking and driving. Graduation parties are in full swing and dangerous choices can emerge. Kids can't be overeducated when it comes to making the right decision.

It's not our intent to give a lecture here. We know most people make the right choices, but we also know common sense isn't common enough sometimes.

Enjoy the summer and stay safe. And watch out for those peacocks.